Bee Food Wraps

About Bee Food Wraps
Bee Food Wraps has been handcrafting beeswax wraps since 2017. You can use them to keep food fresh or to cover bowls in order to avoid cling film and therefore plastic. Since 2019, the team has also been making vegan wax cloths using their own recipe. This was the perfect time for a repositioning of the brand. It was important to Susanne, the founder, not only to modernise the brand, but also to visualise the equivalence of vegan wax wraps and beeswax wraps to the customers. Most of the competitors rely on the vegetarian version, which is made with beeswax, so there is great potential in the vegan alternative.

Logo Redesign
I proposed to reflect the harmony between human and nature in the logo, as Bee Food Wraps chooses sustainable and certified materials for the wax wraps and also handcrafts the products. A composition of hands, a plant and a bee now merge in a circle to form the new logo for Bee Food Wraps.

Corporate Redesign
To relate to the food that is being kept fresh with the wax wraps, I developed illustrations of herbs, fruit, vegetables, bowls and sandwiches. The colour palette consisted of a flashy green and a dark shade of brown. Now a restrained deep blue is used as the primary colour to give the product patterns prominence. From the old leaflets, we could derive what is important to Bee Food Wraps: transparency in terms of materials, production and sustainability. From this we came up with three key facts, which now appear repeatedly as icons in a minimalist line style. All the individual components now form a harmonious overall image on business cards, flyers, trade fair banners and roll-ups, social media and product packaging.

Packaging Design System
The client requested a high quality retail packaging that would also be suitable for gifting. The challenge was to design a system that would work for all twenty sets and take into account different sizes, patterns and usages – e.g. sandwich, bread or mini wax wrap. I designed a two-piece package consisting of a folded envelope made of carbon-neutral grass paper that remains the same for each set and adhesive paper labels that describe each set individually. So there are twenty labels that list the product name, set number, contents, size and material in tabular form. The numbering makes it easier for the staff to pack and for the customers to make repeated purchases.

In addition, a second, more material-saving and cost-effective packaging or a kind of banderole with all the important information was to be designed. I designed the packaging as a quadratic surface made of grass paper with two slits into which the wax wraps are inserted. Paper labels describe each set.