Martin Ranft has established a business that many people would probably dream of. He has been sailing around the world on his catamaran for over twenty years and takes enthusiasts on sailing holidays, skipper trainings and nautical cruises.

In 2021, Martin asked me to design a new logo in the shape of a ship for his company Bluventure. At the time, we were over 16,000 kilometres apart. He gave me a Facetime tour of his sailing ship VAVA-U, named after a small island belonging to Tonga, with the island of Fiji in the background.

The result is a stylised sailing catamaran that I constructed using diagonals and circles. The signet is reduced to the essentials, the colours reflect the deep blue of the ocean and the bright turquoise of the shallow waters off the islands. I also created a motif that can be used as a patch or sticker for merchandise.