My passion lies in developing distinct, exceptional and memorable brand experiences. The concept is always the fundament – because good design can only evolve throughout an idea which was thought ahead.

After graduating at HS Augsburg in Communication Design, I made an internship at hw.design and worked as a freelance designer in the field of editorial design for Anzinger und Rasp. At Peter Schmidt Group I gained experience in the field of packaging design and developed corporate designs, logos, icons and brochures for considerable clients such as The Linde Group, Goethe-Institut and Pinakotheken.


Bee Food WrapsCallweyContinentalGoethe-InstitutIBC SOLARmoriNew 7 WondersObstbaronOsramPASCH-netPinakothekenRimowasmartSono MotorsStabiloTerra.NovaThe Linde Group


Art Direction • Books • Brochures • Corporate Design • Design Concepts • Editorial Design • Icons and Icon Systems • Illustration • Logo Design • Packaging Design • Webdesign/UI Design