mori Organic Tea

About mori
The mori label stands for quality, craftsmanship and timelessness. mori collaborates with selected manufacturers who share this claim and brings their products to the market. The Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy, the connection between man and nature and the idea of mindfulness play a central role at mori.

Create a packaging design for the two hand-picked organic tea types “Organic Green Tea” and “Organic Black Tea”, which are grown by the Amba Estate manufactory in Sri Lanka. The premium product should be available as a limited edition of 100 pieces per variety and should not have a typical premium look, but primarily reflect moris values. The logo, fonts and packaging are given by mori, as well as the contents that are to be placed on a label.

The basic idea for the packaging design was an abstract illustration of tea plantations, mountains and flowing shapes. As a contrast to the flowing calligraphy, the label gets a minimalist layout. A limited edition field, in which the number of pieces is noted by hand by mori, gives the product even more value.

I tested calligraphic drawings with ink and various writing tools on paper and then modified them digitally. A limited edition of 100 pieces per type was printed by hand using screen printing.